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Home Conveyancer Adelaide Conveyancing Adelaide is a legal firm that makes buying and selling property simpler. While buying and selling a property can be an exciting and satisfying experience, it can also be filled with many technical formalities. It is the conveyancing process, and we are the leading Adelaide conveyancing law firm. We have assisted thousands of satisfied clients with their conveyancing needs. To learn more about our conveyancing services, read on.


Legal obligations of a conveyancer

As a licensed conveyancer, you have a variety of legal obligations:


  1. Your conveyancer must obtain and follow your instructions.
  2. They will complete several searches and obtain various reports, including local planning permission, title information, etc.
  3. The conveyancer must complete all the necessary steps to complete the transaction, including payment of Land Registry fees and VAT. They also need to ensure that the property is free from encumbrances, such as water supply, sewage disposal, and easements. Easements are rights of way, drainage, or access granted to a property.
  4. A conveyancer must disclose any latent easements to the buyer.


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Another duty of a conveyancer is to safeguard the interests of the purchaser. A conveyancer is legally bound to protect a buyer’s interests, so an omission is unjust. For example, if the purchaser has paid the city’s council rates from September 1 to December 20, the conveyancer must reimburse the vendor for those months. A conveyancer should not tamper with the contract or the bank.


Cost of a conveyancing Adelaide transaction

Whether you are purchasing a leasehold property or buying a freehold property, the costs of a conveyancing transaction should be included in the overall cost. Solicitors or licensed conveyancers conduct conveyancing searches, and they can reveal a lot of information about a property. If you have any concerns about the costs of a property search, you should discuss them with your solicitor. Usually, the fees for these searches are separate from the Fixed Professional Legal Fee.


Conveyancing solicitors should have a detailed quote for their services, and you should ask them if they offer any extra services. When looking for a conveyancer, you can use the internet to check their credentials. Checking out their TrustPilot accounts will give you an idea of their past work and recent reviews. Make sure to ask for a quote before making a decision. Once you have the quote in hand, compare them to see which offers the best value for money.


Documents required for a conveyancing transaction

A contract of sale between a buyer and a seller is required during a property sale. This document may be prepared by the seller’s solicitor or a selling agent. It is the primary legal document establishing the rights and responsibilities of both parties and details the ownership transfer. Both parties must sign it. A conveyancing expert will also sign and file any legal documents and notify the financial institutions of the sale. For the best conveyancing firm in Adelaide, check out Home Conveyancer Adelaide.


The transfer documents need to be filled out in the presence of witnesses and submitted to the relevant state offices. The new recipient of the title deed must also identify themselves. Otherwise, there is a risk of fraud. The VOI form should be completed in the presence of an agent to avoid any fraud during the transaction. Despite the importance of completing these forms, it is crucial to ensure that they are correct, as any mistake during the transfer process can lead to a significant loss.


Common questions about conveyancing Adelaide

Whether you’re buying a house in Adelaide or need conveyancing services, there are many questions you might have about the process. Whether you’re looking to purchase a property or sell your existing one, we’ll answer them. There are many steps involved in the conveyancing process, including ensuring there are no ‘disadvantages’ clauses in your contract, confirming you have a current title search, negotiating terms, and paying your deposit.



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