Is This A Hair Loss Product?

The Best Cleansing Product For Your Hair is the Clever Curl cleanser by Hair-Gang. The creator of this product, Aiptasia Dyer, claims that it works wonders on any hair. With the unique formulation of the Cleansers, you can enjoy clean, healthy, and shiny hair without worrying about dandruff, dryness, or breakage.

The Clever cleanser is formulated to work like a no-poo, to gently clean and hydrate your hair and scalp without lathering, with little effort. To maximize the effects of the Cleanser, it is highly recommended to wash twice, massage your scalp gently and apply slight pressure with your fingertips before rinsing with water. First, cleanse: This removes oils, dirt, and buildup from your regular shampoo. Second, cleanse: this causes any concerns about product build-up or itchy/dry scalp.


You can use the Clever Curl cleanser by Hair-Gang anytime between two to four payments of $9.97. For every charge, your package will be shipped to your house in discreet packaging. Each package includes a cleansing brush, moisturizing cream, clarifying gel, and exfoliating scrub. It has no added fragrances and no preservatives. You can even save the cleanser coupon code when shopping for your fine hair products online.


If you have any doubts or questions about how your product is supposed to work, you can consult the company’s website. The official website details every process and uses language you can easily understand. Clever Curl’s website does not include any advertising and only briefly mentions the importance of using the Cleanser regularly to maintain a healthy scalp, regardless of the type of hair. If you need to find more information regarding how the cleansers work or other questions, the company’s customer service department can also be contacted for assistance.


The Cleanser is not supposed to strip your hair out. The official website does not recommend over the counter shampoos or conditioners because the Cleanser is meant to cleanse your hair while restoring natural moisture gently. The Cleanser does not remove oil but gently cleanses your scalp, which results in a healthier scalp and less frizz. The goal of the Cleanser is to clean and refresh your hair while keeping your tresses clean. You can use the Cleanser as often as necessary between professional treatments.


Customers are also encouraged to visit the official website for additional information on the Clever Curl cleanser by Hair-Gang. The company does not sell their product in retail establishments.