Three Benefits of Built-In Wardrobes

You can choose to install a built-in wardrobe in any room in your home, including loft bedrooms. They maximise storage space and are much cheaper than freestanding wardrobes. Here are three reasons to install one. First, they fit into any room and add style. They are great for any bedroom, but they work exceptionally well in loft bedrooms. Listed below are the benefits of built-in wardrobes. Read on to learn more. If you want to learn more, look at our tips for choosing the right one for your home.

Build-to-measure wardrobes are an excellent option for loft bedrooms.

Hills_Robes_and_Kitchens built in wardrobes AdelaideUnlike mass-produced wardrobes, which all come in a standard size, build-to-measure wardrobes allow you to create exactly the style and storage space you’re looking for. Loft wardrobes are built on a platform above the existing bedroom and can be an ideal solution for less-used or bulky items. Typically, these units can accommodate up to a hundred or more items.

There are many styles and sizes of built-to-measure wardrobes. For example, the three-posts north castle armoire features three drawers and two garment rods. It is made from solid pine, and the drawers are under 16 inches wide and five inches tall. The wardrobe’s shelves are adjustable, and the doors have a large mirror outside one door. These two styles offer ample storage for linens and other accessories. 

They maximise storage space.

Built-in wardrobes are a great option to make the most of your available storage space. They maximise storage space, but they are also highly customisable. You can incorporate additional features to make them your own, including extra hangers, storage boxes and trouser racks. Depending on your needs, you can also combine open and closed storage to create a space that suits your requirements. Listed below are some of the most common ways to use built-in wardrobes:

They are cheaper than freestanding wardrobes.

Both types of wardrobes are available. Freestanding wardrobes have been around for centuries, long before houses were built with closets. They can range in style from the traditional French armoire to the contemporary, boxy wardrobe. They can even be as simple as a bamboo clothes rail. Whichever type of wardrobe you choose, the exterior should match the style of the room. Built-in wardrobes, on the other hand, are more expensive.

The price of built-in wardrobes varies according to their size, configuration, material, and design. Therefore, there are cheaper models than the high-end freestanding range. Some built-in wardrobes are custom-made according to a person’s measurements and specifications. You can also save money by buying prefabricated units. However, keep in mind that these are not as flexible as custom-made wardrobes. Learn more information about Hills_Robes_and_Kitchens built in wardrobes Adelaide.

They can be installed in almost any room of the house.

These versatile storage units are easy to build. They can be installed flush with the ceiling or just before the cornice. It gives them added height and allows them to have additional storage spaces on top of them. These closets also come with top box cupboards, which enable you to store things that you may not use. And if you need more space, you can add more drawers and shelving to the interior.

You can fit them.

You can fit a built-in wardrobe yourself if you’re handy with a drill! The trick is to know how much storage you’ll need and how much space you can work with. You’ll also need to consider the volume of clothes you store and bedding and towels. Once you know your needs, you can plan your wardrobe layout accordingly and mix and match open and closed storage to suit your needs.

They can be customised.

Custom built-in wardrobes are the ideal choice for irregularly-shaped rooms. However, it is not advisable to have a standing wardrobe in such rooms because it will spoil the aesthetic appeal of the entire room. There are many different ways to customise built-in wardrobes. For example, you can choose to have pivoting, sliding, or folding doors. Each type of door has its pros and cons.

Selecting Bedheads

The biggest trend today in bedheads is the oversized bedhead. These large and bold designs dominate bedrooms. Many people measure the width of their bed and the height of their ceilings to determine the appropriate size of their bedhead. Unfortunately, a large headboard can overpower a room and make it appear lower than it is. You want the bedhead to enhance the style of the rest of the bedroom, not dominate it. Here are some tips to make sure your headboard is the right size:

bedheads AdelaideDecorative panels affixed to the top of your bed, bedheads Adelaide come in various styles and materials. Here are a few important considerations. First, check out the various materials used for bedhead upholstering, the styles available, and the sizes. Then you’ll be well on your way to selecting the perfect bedhead. Listed below are some popular bedhead styles. In addition, here are a few styles to help you get started.

Decorative panels are affixed to the top of a bed.

Headboards are constructed from several different parts. The top rail, which is the horizontal piece on top of the headboard, supports the top of the bed, and the bottom front rail, which is the horizontal piece attached to the bottom of the footboard. Decorative panels affixed to the top of a bed can be made from wood or metal. On the other hand, the footboard slat is a vertical panel attached to the bottom of the footboard.

Materials used in upholstering bedheads

A bedhead’s upholstering material can range from soft cotton fabric to luxurious silk. Cotton is a popular choice because it’s inexpensive and durable but can be subject to staining and fading. On the other hand, Wool is warm and stain-resistant and requires minimal maintenance. Linoleum is another popular choice but is prone to wrinkling and wrinkles and is not as durable as silk or velvet.

An upholstered headboard offers many benefits for your bedroom. First, it adds comfort to your bed, so you can sleep more comfortably without worrying about the pile of pillows you may have to place around your neck. Moreover, it softens the look of your bedroom. It can also add a stylish and soothing touch to the decor. And as long as you’re considering an upholstered headboard, choose the right material and style.

Styles available

Whether you have a modern or traditional bedroom, bedheads Adelaide can enhance the overall look. They can serve as additional shelves or a stylish, comfortable backing for your bed. Many designs feature neutral tones that match your room’s decor. If you’d like a unique headboard, consider a tufted headboard. It adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your room. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or transitional look, there’s a bedhead to fit the bill.


Standard sized bedheads typically remain within the width of the bed frame. However, oversized bedheads can be wider and taller, encompassing the width of the bed and the end tables on either side. Oversized headboards can be as wide as thirty inches wider than the bed frame and can also accommodate the size of a larger night table. Considering this, you can decide which type of bedhead is best for you.

Before purchasing a new bedhead, make sure that the width of the headboard will fit your mattress. Most headboards are two to four inches wider than their respective mattress widths, so check the chart when shopping. Although some bedheads Adelaide may be wider than the bed itself, they should still fit snugly. A two-inch difference between the two can look unbalanced or asymmetrical. Similarly, a two-inch difference is acceptable in the height of a bedhead.


A bedroom is the most prominent feature, and choosing the right colours for your bedhead is essential. The colour should balance the rest of the room, and if the room is predominantly neutral, consider expanding the colour palette by using contrasting bed linen. Bold colours such as red or jewel tones will add luxury to the room, while black or dark crystals can give an industrial style a contemporary edge.