Who Can Have a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is often recommended for women who have lost a great deal of weight and are left with loose abdominal skin that sags. During a tummy tuck, fat and extra skin is removed from around the stomach. The skin is then tightly draped back on the newly repositioned abdominal contours to produce a firmer and smoother appearance. A tummy tuck will also enhance your appearance in other ways, as well.

The benefits of this type of major surgery are well known. When a person loses a significant amount of weight, the abdominal muscles often sag and flop out of shape. This occurs even when you are at a healthy weight. Exercising and maintaining a proper diet may not help. In a tummy tuck procedure, the surgeon can tighten the abdominal muscle and redistribute the skin, resulting in firmer abdominal muscles.

Another benefit of tummy tuck surgery is that it is quick and relatively painless. Usually, patients can be back to work within a few days to a week, although longer recovery times are expected. You can avoid going to the gym until at least six weeks after the surgery. However, it’s not unusual to go back to the gym because the pain may be so severe that exercising is painful.

During a Central-Day-Surgery tummy tuck Adelaide procedure, the surgeon incisions along the lower abdomen, where the navel lies. They then use liposuction instruments to scoop out the extra fat and skin. During the procedure, you will probably be sedated and put under observation. The surgeon may remove some of the excess skin, too. Finally, your abdomen will be stitched up and closed with sutures and stitches.

While a tummy tuck may remove excess fat and skin, there are several things you can do to maintain your health and reduce risk factors for complications after the surgery. For example, you should stop smoking immediately following the surgery. Smoking can interfere with healing by thinning the layers of skin on the stomach, leading to infection.

The doctor might recommend that you use a compression garment to aid in your recovery. This garment helps keep the abdomen firm and reduces swelling and blood loss after the procedure. It also increases the blood flow to the area, which allows nutrients to get to the damaged areas of your abdomen. These garments are usually prescribed after only one tummy tuck procedure.

If you smoke, you should quit while you’re having the procedure. Smoking interferes with the recovery process and can increase the chance of complications, such as a twisted belly or thigh. Smoking can even slow the healing process or create post-surgical symptoms, such as extreme soreness or tenderness. You’ll likely need to quit smoking long before the surgery if you plan to undergo another procedure because tobacco use after a tummy tuck is very dangerous. Smoking should be stopped as soon as the doctor tells you to do so.

In addition to better posture and increased muscle strength, a tummy tuck procedure will improve your overall self-esteem and self-image. Self-confidence can help you function better in work and social situations. In addition, self-esteem and a better abdominal tone will help you stand out in a crowd and look your best at all times, no matter what you’re wearing.

After a tummy tuck, your abdomen will be tightened, which can also relieve some of the discomfort associated with lower back pain. This cosmetic procedure may also help you avoid bladder infections or incontinence later on in life. The muscles and skin will be tighter and smoother after the procedure, which will reduce the amount of friction that occurs with passing urine. You may even experience fewer incidences of urinary tract infections in the future as well. In addition, the incontinence that you experience now may diminish once the muscles are tightened and the skin smoothed over.