What You Should Know About the ClearCorrect System

To achieve the same result, you should visit your orthodontist regularly, but with ClearCorrect, you only need to do it every two weeks. Once the aligners are in place, you can wear them for 22 hours per day, removing them only for eating or cleaning your teeth. However, you should come back for periodic checkups, which are included in the overall price of the treatment. To learn more about this orthodontic treatment, read on.

Dental Excellence ClearCorrectThe Dental Excellence ClearCorrect system is more convenient than traditional braces and aligners. The aligners can be removed to brush, eat, and drink, and patients need not worry about embarrassing situations when they remove the tray. In addition, patients wear the aligners for 22 hours per day, which makes it easy to continue with their routine. This treatment is ideal for patients who are self-conscious about their smile or look to improve their appearance without undergoing extensive orthodontic work.

With Dental Excellence ClearCorrect, the entire treatment process is similar to Invisalign. Initially, the provider has to complete initial training. The dentist must be certified and licensed, but he does not have to be an orthodontist. There are different treatment courses available for different types of malocclusion. For example, the Invisalign Full treatment course is equivalent to the ClearCorrect Unlimited treatment. Afterwards, the patient can choose to wear the aligners for the rest of their life or only a few years.

After the initial consultation, the doctor will develop a treatment plan to meet the patient’s specific needs. Then, the aligners are manufactured in a lab in Texas. Each aligner is customized based on the data provided by the orthodontist and sent to the company. After the first set of aligners, the patient moves on to the next one, gradually shifting the teeth into the perfect position.

The ClearCorrect system doesn’t hurt, but it can cause sensitivity or tenderness. However, this is rare, and patients usually report minor discomfort. The cosmetic dentist in Bellaire will prescribe pain relievers if the aligner process causes discomfort. Changing the aligners every week will improve the comfort level. This system also offers several benefits. Aside from providing straighter teeth, ClearCorrect also helps patients avoid embarrassing situations.

The Align Technology company has been around longer than Dental Excellence ClearCorrect and has developed more processes and products than its competitors. As a result, it has a distinct advantage in terms of expertise. Align Technology holds several hundred patents relating to the materials used in the aligners, the processes dentists use to map out a patient’s teeth, and the process providers use to put together treatment plans. Its products and processes are constantly improving, and ClearCorrect is the industry’s second-largest manufacturer of aligners.

Although both companies offer similar treatments, ClearCorrect aligners are significantly thinner than Invisalign aligners. While the thinner material makes the clear aligners more comfortable, some patients are concerned about the thin material breaking. ClearCorrect is also less durable. Although clearer, less flexible, and more comfortable, it does require more treatment time than Invisalign. This makes it more difficult for patients to keep the aligners in place for long periods.

When comparing the cost of these treatments, consider some things before choosing the clear aligner system. While a full-aligner plan costs around $4,500, ClearCorrect’s Express 5 and Unlimited 12 plans are comparable to Invisalign Express. The price varies depending on your specific needs, but a full treatment may take four to 12 months. And the price range depends on the dentist you choose. A full-aligner treatment may require up to 10 aligners. And it may not be appropriate for some people, such as those with severe dental issues.

The ClearCorrect system uses a patented material called SmartTrack. This material is specifically designed for the aligner system. This material is made by a trusted dental materials company called Zendura. It has a higher degree of power and shorter treatment time than other systems. However, it may not be as comfortable as Invisalign so patients may be concerned with its durability. So, it is best to discuss your specific needs and decide which system is the best one for your needs.

As for cost, ClearCorrect has been around since 2009 and currently holds about a quarter of the adult clear orthodontic market and has sold over 1.5 million units. Compared to Invisalign, ClearCorrect is more affordable than Invisalign. Moreover, many patients find that ClearCorrect is less costly than Invisalign because it requires fewer appointments and is more comfortable. ClearCorrect is a great option for people who want to have a beautiful smile but cannot pay for a full treatment.

ClearCorrect and Invisalign patients are given a set of aligners to wear for 22 hours per day during the treatment. Patients will be required to wear the aligners for 22 hours per day, depending on the specifics of the prescription. While the process may take a few months, the final results will be noticeable in just a few months. During this time, patients can see their smiles improving gradually and easily.

The treatment time for the ClearCorrect system depends on the extent of the problem. Depending on the severity of the condition, the treatment time can range from several months to three years. In some cases, minor treatments can be completed for six to eight months. However, the treatment can take up to three years for other conditions, such as those affecting the entire bite. If you’re interested in this treatment option, contact North Star Family Smiles. Our orthodontic specialists will be happy to provide you with a consultation.

Both ClearCorrect and Invisalign involve wearing plastic aligners that gradually shift the teeth into the correct alignment. Each aligner is designed to fit the patient’s teeth perfectly. Patients wear these aligners for two weeks at a time, and the progress will be noticeable. Patients need to visit their dentist periodically to monitor their progress. Once treatment has begun, the patient may begin to see results within a year. It’s important to remember that both ClearCorrect and Invisalign procedures are highly effective and can be used to correct a wide range of dental problems.

ClearCorrect aligners are made of a thinner material than Invisalign’s. However, they are prone to breakage. Align Technology’s ClearCorrect aligners are made from a thermoplastic material called SmartTrack. This material is FDA-approved and free of BPA and BPS. The ClearCorrect aligner system is made in the United States. They are both made of plastic, making them easier to remove from the mouth.