We’ve all played the desert island game, haven’t we? The game where you name three books (or movies, or foods, etc.) that you would bring to a desert island if that’s all you had for the rest of your life. When the category is books, I always try to cheat and count my Riverside Shakespeare as one book, even though it’s a two-volume boxed set and isn’t fair because it contains ALL OF SHAKESPEARE. Sometimes, I get away with it, but now that I’m the judge, and there’s a big prize, that won’t fly. Want to know what you’ll win? Autographed first editions of three fabulous 2017 titles: Katherine Paterson’s My Brigadista Year, M.T. Anderson’s Landscape with Invisible Hand, and Alison McGhee’s Pablo and Birdy.


Here are the rules:

For this game, you get to choose your three desert island children’s books.

Choose one picture book, one MG and one YA title. Any genre (nonfiction, fiction, poetry) is fine as long as each age is represented.

Books are standalone titles or single volumes in a series; you can’t choose omnibus books that package an entire series into a single volume.

Books do not have to be currently in print. This is a desert island with a great used and rare supplier (who is under a spell and can only grant you three books for the duration of your stay).

There must be at least 10 contestants for the drawing to happen, so loop your friends into the contest if you want a chance to win those autographed gems!

This challenge is trickier than it seems. Which books that you love reward repeated readings and continue to delight the mind and nourish the soul time and time again?

Post your titles (you can also wax rhapsodic about your choices, if you like) in the Comments. The deadline is Monday, November 13. One entry per person. All entrants will be entered in a drawing to win the big prize. I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, November 14 and send out the prize.