Cuentos completos

(Complete Stories)

Roberto Bolaño

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-525-43551-8

This volume gathers Bolaño’s short stories. The author, who died in 2003, was one of the most important figures of contemporary Spanish literature.

La fruta del borrachero

(Fruit from the Forbidden Tree)

Ingrid Rojas Contreras

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-525-56401-0

Seven-year-old Chula and her older sister enjoy carefree lives in their gated community in Bogotá, but the threat of kidnapping, car bombs, and assassinations hovers just outside the neighborhood walls, where Pablo Escobar continues to elude authorities and capture the attention of the nation.

Leyendas de todo México

(Legends of All Mexico)

Tere Remolina Becky Rubinstein

Sélector (dist. by Spanish Publishers)

ISBN 978-607-453-334-7

The legends gathered here are simple stories about Mexico’s desires, fears, and dreams.


Breve historia del arte

(Short History of Art)

Susie Hodge


ISBN 978-84-16965-02-1

Styled as a pocket guide, this book is a new and innovative overview of art. It demystifies artistic jargon to provide readers a chance to understand and enjoy art.

El escándalo del siglo

(The Scandal of the Century)

Gabriel García Márquez

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-525-56671-7

Márquez was one of the titans of 20th-century literature, and this book features a selection of his journalism from the late 1940s to the mid-’80s.

El tiempo de las emociones

(The Time of Emotions)

Guillermo García Arias

Ediciones Lea

ISBN 978-987-718-529-4

The author walks the readers through his own passions, doubts, and convictions about how to live a better life.

Las guerras ocultas del narco

(The Drug Lord’s Hidden Wars)

Juan Alberto Cedillo


ISBN 978-607-31-6734-5

Cedillo investigates the hidden brutality of the war on drugs.

¡Sálvese quien pueda!

(Save Yourself!)

Andrés Oppenheimer

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-525-56487-4

According to the experts Oppenheimer interviewed, 47% of jobs are at risk of becoming automated or rendered obsolete by technological changes in the next 20 years. The author examines current changes in several fields and contrasts the perspectives of “techno-optimists” with those of “techno-negativists.”


Cero se repite siempre

(Zero Repeats Forever)

Gabrielle S. Prendergast


ISBN 978-607-527-462-1

This is a novel about an invasion of murderous creatures, and one girl fighting for her life at the end of the world.

Diario de Anne Frank.

Novela gráfica

(Diary of Anne Frank: The Graphic Novel)

Anne Frank

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-525-56450-8

This graphic novel adaptation of Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl is aimed at a young readership and features quotes from the diary.

El proyecto de Wendy

(The Wendy Project)

Veronica Fish Melissa Jane Osborne


ISBN 978-607-527-114-9

Through colorful illustrations, this graphic novel reinvents the Peter Pan story for modern readers, featuring a strong female protagonist who confronts grief.

La perrita detective

(The Detective Dog)

Julia Donaldson Sara Ogilvie


ISBN 978-84-9801-956-8

A rhyming picture book about a dog who uses her amazing sense of smell to solve mysteries.

Proyecto Galileo

(The Galileo Project)

Joan Català


ISBN 978-84-8343-531-1

In the year 2052, a few high school kids sneak onto a Mars expedition, where they must learn to work together to save some explorers, and maybe even Earth itself.

Yo no soy tu perfecta hija Mexicana

(I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter)

Erika L. Sánchez

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-525-56432-4

Julia is not the perfect Mexican daughter. That was her sister Olga’s role—she stayed home to take care of their parents. But one mistake leaves Olga dead, and Julia is left behind to cope with the aftermath. Julia soon discovers that Olga may have had secrets, too. Was Olga really what she seemed, or was there more to her sister’s story?