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The Water Rat of Wanchai

Where the Crawdads Sing

An Anonyous Girl


I Owe You One

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Tip Sheet

We talk with Marlon James about his new novel, Black Leopard, Red Wolf.

Children’s Bookshelf

We sneak preview this fall’s children’s books.

Global Rights Report

In a rumored six-figure acquisition, Alessandra Bastagli at Dey Street preempted North American rights to The Falcons, a nonfiction title by former New York Times Baghdad bureau chief Margaret Coker.

BookLife Report

BookLife Prize winner Michael F. Stewart explains that he looks to his daughters for inspiration.


Week Ahead

PW senior writer Andrew Albanese gives an overview of the global book business as 2019 gets underway and discusses why library book scanning remains a thorny subject 15 years after Google fired up its scanners.

More to Come

Heidi MacDonald interviews Annie Koyama of Koyama Press, recently named Publisher of the Year by The Beat. Koyama talks about her decision to leave publishing, the authors she’s worked with, and other important points from her time on the indie comics scene.



A bookstore owner looks at recent controversies on YA Twitter and takes a stand against the “bullying” of Amélie Wen Zhao, whose debut YA fantasy novel, Blood Heir, was canceled after much online discussion.

PW Insider

In advance of Valentine’s Day, PW senior reviews editor Rose Fox joins the show for a discussion of the state of romance.