What Does a Podiatrist Do?

A Podiatrist is a name that rings a bell concerning the foot care field in Australia. It is also a title that conjures up images of cold stone rooms and sterile equipment. It is not all true. As the demand for podiatrist services has increased tremendously, so has the field of podiatry itself. The result is a whole spectrum of podiatrist-related services in Adelaide.

Podiatrist AdelaideAmong the many services provided by a podiatrist in Adelaide, podi-pedi is perhaps one of the most popular. If you are an Aussie living overseas, you will be glad to know that this practice is available in Australia and New Zealand. As it is, the demand for podi-pedi in both countries is high. More podiatrists in Western Australia (incidentally, the state that produces the highest number of podiatrists) than in any other part of the country. This practice falls under the general term of podiatry and refers to applying a podiatrist’s surgical skills in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various foot and ankle problems.

There are many different types of podiatry. Here we will deal with the one that is the most common in the world: podiatric surgery. As the name suggests, this kind of foot care falls under the category of podiatry. Many people assume that if a podiatrist is a podiatrist, then he or she practices podiatric surgery. It is simply not the case.

Pedi is the Greek word for foot. Thus, red means ‘foot doctor’. It is the pous of the podiatrist’s trade and involves examining the feet, testing the structures and evaluating the patient’s case. It requires a thorough knowledge of pediatrics, and a certain degree of aesthetic sense, since the feet are the organ most closely connected with human beauty.

A Podiatrist Adelaide specializing in podiatric foot care is called a podiatrist and treats the feet and ankles of patients. He or she may also specialize in other areas, such as dermatology, dermopathy, orthopedics, sports medicine and trauma. This profession is highly sought after by young people who want to get a degree in podiatry because these days, it is necessary for working adults to have their feet examined before they can take off their shoes.

While this career sounds very simple on the surface, it is not. This medical field requires a high level of professionalism and an excellent bedside manner. Suppose you are interested in becoming a podiatrist. In that case, the best way to do so is to enrol in a Podiatrist Adelaide University and earn your undergraduate diploma in the field and take the required number of graduate courses to qualify for a professional license.