It’s surprising that the earnest little chap wasn’t given glasses. Bond wanted to Paddington to have “travelled all the way from darkest Africa”, but was advised by his agent to change his country of origin due to the lack of bears in Africa. Instead, he picked Peru – home to the Spectacled Bear. Paddington later reveals that his Peruvian name is Pastuso, although he was relucant to reveal this at first for fear that nobody would be able to pronounce it.

7. Paddington has always been a fan of cultural exchange

In 1994, a Paddington Bear stuffed toy was chosen by English tunnellers as the first item to pass through the Channel Tunnel to their French counterparts when the two sides were linked up.

8. Paddington shares his voice with Badger and Watson

Badger from the Eighties TV series The Wind in the Willows (and the 1989 spin-off, Oh! Mr Toad), and the older version of Watson in the 1985 Chris Columbus film, The Young Sherlock Holmes, were both voiced by Sir Michael Hordern, the actor who voiced Paddington in all 56 episodes of the bear’s original TV series.

9. Moving away from marmalade proved messy

Or at least it did in 2007, when the sandwich-loving bear switched to Marmite in an attempt “to try something different”. The results were disastrous, although presumably not for Marmite – the advert has been viewed nearly 90,000 times on YouTube.