The newly installed Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics has been revealed to have once used a Japanese pseudonym when starting out in the industry, along with creating an elaborate backstory supporting his claims.

CB Cebulski, who was installed last week as editor-in-chief, has confessed to having written under the pen name Akira Yoshida between 2005 and 2006, during which he wrote several comic books for Marvel awash in Japanese cultural aesthetics, Japanese locations and characters performing kung-fu.

Cebulski also gave interviews under the guise of being Yoshida, in which he claimed that he was born and raised in Japan and travelled to the United States as a teenager with his father, who worked in international business. He claimed to have started out writing for Japanese manga comic books, where contacts he made there led to him being recruited by Marvel. In reality, Cebulski is a white American.

After receiving an abundance of positive press, Yoshida mysteriously disappeared in 2006, with sites later speculating that he was a hoax. But an investigation by the comic book blog Good Comics claimed that Yoshida was in fact real, having spoken to a Marvel editor named Mike Marts who insisted that he had met Yoshida during a lunch, where the man showed off his “immense Godzilla memorabilia collection.”