Limmy – the comedian, author and online trouble-maker known to the taxman as Brian Limond – has a new book out this week.

That’s Your Lot follows Daft Wee Stories, his Ronseal-titled collection of weird and comic tales that was named Time Out’s best comedy book of 2015.

Rather than coming back with more of the same, his new book strikes a more serious tone than its predecessor, with 29 short stories shot through with anxiety, guilt, depression, delusion and jet black humour.

The bleak subject matter is nothing new for Limmy, whose previous work – including the podcast Limmy’s World of Glasgow and 2010 BBC Scotland series Limmy’s Show – has always mixed humour with a healthy dose of Glaswegian grit.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Limmy cites Raymond Carver as a key influence in his latest writing – and admits he has no idea how it’ll go down with fans of his earlier work.

How does That’s Your Lot differ from Daft Wee Stories?

Daft Wee Stories is, as the title says, daft wee stories. I just sort of rattled them out, tried to make them quite funny, with punchlines – they’re kind of like sketches.

But with That’s Your Lot, I quite fancied doing stuff that was a bit more like slice-of-life or something. It’s kind of why I called That’s Your Lot – I had an attitude like: “That’s it. That’s where the story ends.” It’s a wee bit darker, more bleak.