The LCBA style, with exposed spines and brightly coloured stitching, is not traditional. “We do respect the craft and do things properly. But we’re not a traditional binders. We don’t do things like leather binding,” says Simon.

“I think that’s how we survived for five years,” adds Ira. “We’ve tried to be open about what we do.”

While it’s all grown organically, with no grand plan, the pair have recently completed a successful Kickstarter funding campaign to enlarge the space. Another extension is publishing Making Books, which shows people how to produce handcrafted tomes at home. They see the book as an extension of their workshop and hope it will encourage people to have a go. “There are plenty of quite technical books, which are great, but not very accessible,” says Simon. Ironically, the book isn’t published by them, but by publishers Pavilion. “We can’t physically make 2,000 books. Some things are fine machine-made,” laughs Ira.