This month brings us late assassins, nautical conception, and a girl without dreams. To submit a first line, email

Before the Court of Heaven

Jack Mayer

“The assassins were twenty minutes late.”

The Hope Store

Dwight Okita

“My name is Jada Upshaw. I started out as a girl without dreams and grew up to be a woman without a future.”


Christopher J. Driver

“I have straddled the line between blue collar and white and have stepped boldly with two feet into both worlds.”

Life After the Undead

Pembroke Sinclair

“I will never understand peoples’ fascination with the apocalypse.”

Passages Through Pakistan

Marilyn R. Gardner

“I was conceived, I am told, on the Queen Mary.”


Sydney Scrogham

“Real life has run out of good stories for me, so I live my own.”