June finds death, death, death, psychics, death, and broken promises. To submit a first line, email booklifeeditor@booklife.com.

Sage Stone: The Magic Between the Worlds

Darcy Deming

“Am I Dead?”

Face Value

Ian Andrew

“It wasn’t the prettiest place to die. But then again, where is?”

Practice the Jealous Arts

Delia C. Pitts

“She’s deader than Coltrane’s cat”

Madam Tulip and the Knave of Hearts

David Ahern

“The one thing psychics rarely do, and for the best of reasons, is foretell their own future.”

Murder with Altitude

Sue Star

“The body hung upside down, dangling against the rock face of one of the Flatiron outcroppings.”

Miss E.

Brian Herberger

“I promised Miss E. I would never tell anyone her story—and I’m not, really.”