Dental Fixture Benefits

Flapless implant placement is among the benefits of using a dental fixture. These fixtures can support dental implants immediately after placement. These dental fixtures also have benefits like immediate impression taking and provisional abutment. This article will discuss the benefits of dental fixtures and how you can choose the right one. Also, we will discuss the impact of the bacterial attack on alveolar bone support. Listed below are the advantages of using a dental fixture.

Flapless implant placement

dental fixture adelaideThe major benefit of flapless implantation over conventional dental implantation is decreased operation time and pain. A flap may cause airway obstruction, especially in patients with high blood pressure. However, it can also be iatrogenically misplaced, and a patient’s hypertension can contribute to this problem. Flapless implantation improves the chances of maintaining an adequate blood supply to the implant site.

Another advantage of dental fixture adelaide is the preservation of buccal soft tissue esthetics, particularly in the anterior esthetic zone. The free gingival margin position depends on the interproximal and facial bone. Several aspects of treatment planning can help predict the likelihood of recession of the free gingival margin. This is a potential issue that can negatively impact the aesthetic outcomes of the implant.

The flapless group also experienced a greater degree of accuracy. The implant fixture in the group that underwent a flapless procedure exhibited a higher degree of deviance. Group one implants’ angle and entrance displacement were higher than those in group two. Further research is needed to improve the accuracy of flapless implant placement. Once the procedure is completed, the patient can walk out of the clinic with a full set of teeth.

Another advantage of flapless dental fixture placement is that it preserves soft tissues and has less risk of complication. However, flapless surgery is not suitable for everyone. It requires meticulous planning, systematic surgical protocols, and experienced operators. In addition, patients with poor bone quality or those who require bone grafting are not appropriate candidates for this technique. And, it’s not recommended for patients with thin gums and fragile bones.

Importance of smooth, even emergence profiles for a dental fixture

A dental fixture with an optimal emergence profile supports the gingiva around the implant-supported crown and avoids food traps. The emergence profile is also necessary for forming pseudo-papillae in the inter-proximal spaces. Improper emergence profiles may be the result of implant diameter or placement depth. These are the key factors that must be addressed to ensure proper restoration.

An emergence profile is the contour of a tooth’s surface where it emerges from the gingiva. These contours support gingival esthetics. In addition to supporting gingival esthetics, the smooth, even emergence profile is important for long-term gum health and bone levels around implants. Improper emergence profiles are difficult to achieve with conventional dental fixtures, but careful planning and patient selection can help improve the outcome.

When creating an emergence profile, an impression of the edentulous ridge is required. It is then fitted to the abutment teeth with composite. The composite is then light-cured. It is then secured in place with finger pressure. The emergence profile is reconstructed during the final adaptation using a provisional FPD. This provisional restoration is used to create the soft tissue emergence profile.

Another way to improve emergence profiles is to incorporate a micro thread into the upper side of the fixture. This eliminates many of the shortcomings of conventional fixtures. Lastly, an improvement to the design includes a rough surface on the upper surface of the fixture. These improvements eliminate many of the problems associated with the emergence profile. These improvements have also led to the introduction of a micro thread.


The most obvious and noticeable difference between traditional and modern dental fixtures is the material they are made of. Modern fixtures are usually made of titanium metal, which Per-Ingvar Branemark discovered. Similarly, titanium alloys will integrate into the bone to different degrees. While no scientific data supports this relationship, different manufacturers of dental fixtures will try to differentiate themselves from one another by surface treatment and design. Regardless of how a dental fixture will function, it will most likely cost more than a single tooth or a full set of teeth.

A single implant fixture may cost between $1,600 and $3,000, depending on the materials used and the complexity of the work required. These prices vary widely depending on the type of fixture you’d like to have installed and whether you’d like to use removable dentures or a fixed dental fixture. While mini implants are used for limited applications, standard implants are used for more complex procedures. Standard implants will cost around $2,000 and come with a crown and abutment.

Impact of bacterial attack on alveolar bone support

The bacterial attack on dental fixtures results in the resorption of bone in the area surrounding the implants. The resorption rate was similar in all groups. Regardless of the type of implant, bone loss in the area around the implant is significantly higher than that of the surrounding alveolar bone. This effect may be related to the nature of the surface of the implants and the onset of infection.

Temporary abutment

An integrated dental fixture mount that functions as a provisional abutment and impression coping benefits the immediate loading of dental implants. These benefits include reduced chair time and cost and improved comfort for patients. This study reports two cases using a newly developed dental implant fixture mount as an immediate impression coping and temporary abutment. This study also highlights the advantages of this mount. We will discuss these benefits and describe two clinical examples.

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