Virginia bookstore hosts grand opening; U.K. booksellers prep for new Pullman; inside Amsterdam’s book stores; a Hong Kong store shutters; and more.

Virginia Bookstore Opens this Week: Bard’s Alley bookstore in the town of Vienna is opening this week.

U.K. Bookstores Plan Midnight Parties for Pullman: Several bookstores will open at midnight to sell copies of Philip Pullman’s La Belle Sauvage when it is published October 19.

Novelists Love Writing About Bookstores: The Bradenton Herald in Florida writes about the many mystery novels that have bookstores as settings.

Hong Kong Bookstore Shutters: Flowbooks, one of few independent bookstores in Hong Kong, has closed.

A Survey of Amsterdam’s Bookstores: The Dutch Wannabe blog offers a list of 30 bookstores to visit in Amsterdam.